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The committee  focuses  on improving personal relationship among sisters and build stronger ties within CSU. Social welfare coordinators  also reach out to withdrawn and look-warm members by encouraging them to attend meetings as well as other C.S.U activities. Efforts shall be made in attracting new members to the society.


 VISITATION:  The committee coordinates the arrangement for all visitations, to deserving sisters. Such visits are paid during births, deaths, marriages, etc. Social coordinator  even organises bridal showers, so prayers and advise from experienced married sisters can be said for the sister getting married. We  also mobilize sisters for visitations and prayers when a sister is bereaved or has had a baby, sick or had stopped attending meetings and other church activities.


 BIO-DATA: The committee is to update the bio-data of sisters in order to reflect all information regarding all sisters. This bio-data shall contain members’ name, address, phone number, birthday, profession, talents, hobbies, do’s, and don’t. The register shall also be arranged serially. In addition, it devises ways to encourage greater interactions among members through networking by breaking communications barriers for example through the use of secret pal program (at love feasts ), and members directories.


Birthdays: The committee celebrates members birthday. Initially, this was done with birthday cards signed by all sisters ahead of the birthday, this is to enable a member celebrating to be presented a birthday card on same day. However, in this IT era, where this cannot be achieved, birthday message should be send first thing in the morning to the celebrant by the coordinator or a committee member, and sisters can follow suit later in the day.

In addition, at general meetings each month, prayers are offered and birthday songs sang to all sisters whose birthday fell due. All celebrant sisters for the month are encouraged to attend the meeting with drinks, snacks and other edible to commemorate/celebrate  their birthday with sisters not withstanding if you have had a private thanksgiving or party.


  1. LOVE FEAST: The committee is obliged to organise Love Feast every quarter as a way of socialising and letting off steam by members. Usually, Love Feast are organised in a sister’s residence.

5.1 Refreshment: All members are encouraged and compelled to attend Love Feast with some refreshments. No sister should attend empty-handed.

5.2 Event Program: Activities covered at a Love Feast include but not limited to social talk; bible quiz; dancing; playing games; learning new vocations; Secret Pal; etc.

5.3 Attendance: The event which is organised by Social / Welfare Committee is attended by all sisters. You may wish to invite sisters from other parishes.

5.4 Secret pals: Sisters are expected to choose a secret pal and show love and affection to that pal for always 😍 .The secret pal is revealed at the next love feast. All sisters names/address/Phone number present at the love feast are written down on a piece of paper, folded and mixed up, so each sister picks one.She only reveals the name of the sister she picks to the Social welfare officer coordinating the secret pal to note down.  At the love feast, the purpose of the secret pal is explained and need for secrecy until the revelation period at the next love feast, one pick to a sister with no changes whatsoever, you must show love to the person you picked and get to know them better, this is meant to encourage bonding amongst members.

5.4 Last Quarter Love Feast: This is usually organised as a picnic at a beach, park, garden, etc, not in a sister’s house. We’re encouraged to attend with our family. It aims at familiarisation with families of other sisters. This could be an excursion, to a place that would add value to sisters at least once a  year. It could be a diocesan, deanery or parish event. Sisters could be encouraged to come along with food, snacks, drinks or alternatively, a central refreshment planning arrangement may be done


  1. WORKSHOP: The committee organises talk/workshop.

Get a guest speaker to talk to sisters on social issues. Topics could be Life as a single sister before marriage, family (husband and children) leadership skills, how to tie gele, make-up, skill acquisition etc. However, over time, this had been built into Love Feast as against being organised as a separate event.


  1. OUTREACH: On quarterly basis, the Committee shall reach out to members who had been absent at meetings/ programmes not withstanding whether you see them at mass. Report of such outreach shall be given at the executive and general meetings at the end of the quarter. They shall also bring to the notice of the Exco members, sisters  that deserve to be visited and organise visitation to them.

On quarterly basis, Committee shall organise Garage Sales. However, the entire members of the Association shall participate actively in sourcing the items, tagging and in actual sales. As sisters may spend the whole day on the sales, sisters are  encouraged to provide refreshment as dipping hand in money realised from sales is highly discouraged.

9.BOB A JOB  or any other fund raising activity as agreed by the committee & house,  may be carried out.


For birth: A purse of N3000  is provided by CSU but the social coordinator can have a freewill donation from members and whatever raised is added to the to buy gift for the baby or cash handed over to the mother.

  1. Wedding of a member N10,000 and member’s child N5,000.
  2. Death of a member or spouse N50,000 for parents father or mother N5000. But very important the sister must be a full and financial member to get her benefits/ entitlement from the Society through social welfare committee


  1. INSURANCE and INVESTMENT : This is handled at parish levels by the Secretary, Social / Welfare committee.

Thus, the Committee educates sisters on benefits of participating in CSU National Insurance and Investment Schemes. We then go ahead to mobilise and encourage sisters to participate. In fact, registration/ renewal into the schemes are on now. Pls let’s meet our respective Social / Welfare Committee Secretary to register or renew as the case may be. Explanation  on the schemes had been given on this platform and the training will still be given by the National coordinator on Insurance and investment as training continues.


  1. CSU NATIONAL COOPERATIVE : This is handled by the Committee at parish level by the Treasurer, Social / Welfare Committee. she is in-charge at parish level. Thus, the Committee educates sisters on benefits of participating in CSU National Cooperative Schemes. We then go ahead to mobilise and encourage sisters to participate. Training on CSU National Cooperative will soon be delivered on this platform and we’ll have the opportunity to seek further clarifications.  Meanwhile feel free to meet your parish Treasurer, Social / Welfare Committee to register or  continue contributing as the case may be.
  2. UNIFORMS : At CSU National level, the committee handles all Association uniforms, namely Asoke, Ankara, mantilla, pin, as well as souvenirs such as bags, jotter, etc.

At parish level,  the Social welfare committee is in charge of sales of uniforms etc.

However, the parish executive is at liberty to decide on how their uniform is handled.

(Because Charity committee sometimes handle the sales of charity T-shirts)

FUNDS: The  committee raises funds through:

13.1 Garage sales:  After sales all monies are paid to the treasurer of the Association while the committee keeps accurate record of money handed over. For the garage sales to be successful, all members are mandated to source for different items ahead of time. Items can be Food  (non perishable eg Rice, spaghetti, bagged & canned items)  brand new or fairly used but in good condition.  Committee organizes garage sales every quarter of the year.

13.2 Bob-A-Job: Funds can be raised through this simple move.

13.3 Appeal Letters: The committee can also write appeal letters to families, friends, parishioners, relatives, corporate bodies, etc soliciting for funds or products  especially during a major event like anniversary & christmas garage sales.

13.4 Freewill Donation: The committee can also resolve to make a periodic or ad-hoc freewill donations  towards the upliftment of the committee activities especially for welfare of a member

13.5 Secret bag collections is carried out during all social functions.

Donations are also welcomed from any member who is guided by the spirit of God.

13.6 Sisters take note, all monies raised are paid into the society purse while the Social / Welfare Committee Cordinator make appropriate requisitions when needed.


The Social / Welfare

Committee is poised to take up challenges and to improve on its duties to the Association with the total support and co-operation of all members.


I am indeed grateful to all sisters for comments, questions asked, responses, explanations and contributions to the success of this training.

Thank you and God Bless.


Signed: Sis Schola Onyeyiri-Coordinator

CSU National Social/Welfare  committee training 2017


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