good morning sisters and welcome to day 1 training of the Church Service Project committee training.


First and foremost we need to be thankful to Almighty God for the gift of life and privilege given to us to work in His Vineyard.


My name is Sister. Olivia Umoren, the National Vice-president and the National Church Service Project committee coordinator.


We will start with the  definition of the keywords here,  which is “Service and Project”. According to Chambers dictionary, Service is an act of helpful activity.  While project means an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.


Therefore this committee is charged with the responsibility of seeing to the smooth running of the Service projects being undertaken in the parish.  The Association decides what it wants to do in its parish and present it to the parish priest for approval and blessings or alternatively, approaches the Parish Priest to tell the Association what he would like to do for the church.

Projects undertaken in parishes are as listed below:

  1. Snack Stand: Most parishes runs a snack stand every Sunday, where snacks and drinks are be sold to parishioners after every mass.
  2. Cleaning of the Church and it’s environs, it is the duty of the committee coordinators to make sure that sisters turn out enmass, when assigned to clean the church.


  1. Handling of the MCA and HCA children, taking care of children during their mass every Sunday.


  1. Scholarship Scheme.


  1. Bible Evangelism: This is to encourage every one to owe a Bible.


Service project differ in parishes, depending on the needs and wants of that parish. Apart from the following listed above, the parish priest might decide to give more project, for instance my parish CKC, Akowonjo, we run the snack stand and by the side,  we handle the booking of masses and parish registration of members.


Our Spiritual training comes up on the 24th-26th Nov 2017.

Venue : St Agnes Catholic church Maryland.


On the 24th : 5pm till 8pm

25th  :  9am – 6pm

26th : Mass 6.30.

Pls sisters coming into Lagos, call this week to sort out your accommodation. Next week might be too late.

Number to call : 08180968086



Payment is #4000.00 per person.


We are expecting the Spiritual Coordinator and the Spiritual Committee Secretary to attend. Pls these are the two people to head the evangelism team

They need to understand the spirituality of CSU.

May God continue to fill us with the wisdom to have a better insight on CSU spirituality.


[9:14 AM, 11/14/2017] Phil Csu: Sourcing of vendors for the snack stand.


Normally we start at home by asking sisters that are interested in supplying us with snacks, food, popcorn, drinks and water to signify interest.  They supplied at a rate and we sale at the end of the day, we pay our suppliers and take our percentage.  This is to encourage ourselves in what we do.


The Coordinator makes sure,  the space or area use as snacks stand is clear.

Who is a member of Church Service Project committee.?

Apart from been a member of the other sub-committee,  you are also a member of the Church Service Project committee.


The Vice president and Asst General Secretary are the coordinators of the committee.

Their duties is to make sure that the committee is run efficiently.


A roaster for the snack stand is draw involving all sisters with a coordinator,  who at the end of the day,  gives a full accounts of sales to the Vice President  or Asst.  General Secretary,  who forwards the money realized to the financial secretary and receipt is issued to church service.


It is advisable for new parishes to start up their Church Service immediately,  they should not wait until induction as the saying goes “delay is dangerous”.


The Vice President of the mother parish is to help and guide the new parish on how to go about their project,  after induction she still goes over for a while to see how things are going.

Program for the 2017 Advent recollection.

Host Deanery: Ipaja deanery.


Date :2nd December

Topic:Waiting for the Lord’s coming, how prepared are we 1st Jn 2vs 28-29.

Retreat Master: Okoligwe CM.  The parish priest of CKC, Akowonjo.


Program for the day

Rosary 10-10.30am

Praise/worship/confession :10.30-12pm

Talk :12-1.30pm

Questions and answers: 1.30-2pm

Holy mass :2pm

Group photograph

Closing /Entertainment

Parishes are to pay #2,000. Kindly make payment to CSU Lagos accounts. The fund is to be given to our retreat master.

Dress code: CSU Lagos Ankara with manitall.


Note the advent recollection is for all sisters NO DELEGATES, parishes under probation are also expected to be present  it is also part of criteria for their full induction into CSU. Deaneries Coordinators and Secretaries please take note. Sisters United in Christ.





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